Persuasive Essay About Women In The Military

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Being a girl is hard, women have been the second best since the beginning of time, women weren’t allowed to do a man's job in the military and it’s time that further evolves into women and men doing all of the same jobs. Although, some may argue that keeping women protected from the harsh realities of war is the reasonable thing to do and those people have a valid argument when they say women aren’t emotionally stable enough to fight on the front lines, or that women aren’t strong enough to serve; this applies to some women not all. Women have proven themselves capable of so much more than the standard that is set for them in the military: overcoming their physical differences and putting the excuses to rest. The excuses about being a distraction to men and that women are going to be prioritized over fighting. The military makes us believe that everyone in the military is treated…show more content…
Women distract men because of the ‘sexual tension.’ women fear the men that threaten to turn them in for underage drinking, but it’s the men that should fear the women for turning them in for rape.(Moritz) Women are flamboyant about their bodies and men just can’t resist. Women are a distraction to men because men can’t control themselves. The men will get distracted from their duties which is why women shouldn’t be allowed in combat. Men shouldn’t have to choose between their duties or women because they shouldn’t have to make that choice, and by choosing inequality they don’t have to. James Gibson a master sergeant has debunked that excuse because sex in the military is against general order number one. If sex in the military is between men and women, let’s think about sex in the military between men and men. That’s right, homosexuality. It’s the exact same thing, gay men can’t resist a relatively ‘attractive man’, it creates the same distraction that women
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