Persuasive Essay About Working At Walmart

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Save money. Live better. Working for the one of the largest and most lucrative companies on the face of the planet can be difficult at times. More often than not every time you walk in to a Walmart you will not recognize anyone in there. Screaming red faced babies that can’t have what they want and befuddled customers asking questions that I don’t know the answer to are an everyday occurrence. Just like in any business the primary goal is to make a profit so as associates our job is to help customers in the most efficient way possible. Picking up after careless customers that move around the products from shelf to shelf. Running freight of our hottest commodities off a truck that worked its way across the country in a matter of hours. Darting around the sales floor as swiftly as possible to fulfill customers’ needs to ensure that they come back. These are just a few of the stand out things that make hard working associates so valuable to Walmart. There are so many unsung heroes that customers take for granted each time they step in to a local Walmart. Each time a customer walks in to our store the first thing they may grab is a squeaky wheeled cart. Have you ever noticed on your way into Walmart a few bigger men in bright neon yellow vests usually bundled from head to toe? Those men are stockmen and they are…show more content…
Each job is important to every one else’s job. Everything must go in order from start to finish. If there aren’t carts, then there aren’t customers. It’s hard to believe that one small job makes that big of a difference. If it wasn’t for associates in each department then their all of the customers would be lost and wouldn’t know where anything was. Who would check out the customers if it wasn’t for cashiers? The managers are like the leaders of a big army stretching over 100,000 square feet. One by one each and every associate means something to the company from the trash man to the
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