Persuasive Essay About Working Hard

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When I was 16 I had finaly got my first job making $7.25 a hour. I thought I was rich being only 16 and bringing home a $350 dollar paycheck every two weeks. As I was turning 18 i started to realize something that I didn’t realize when I was 16. I had bought my first car and my own phone, I had bills to pay now. $550 a month doesn’t sound like a lot but making $7.25 an hour 8 hours a day, that’s ten days of work that’s 80 hours a month just to pay for my car. I realize yeah maybe minimum wage is alright for a highschool student but I look around at my job and seen grown people. People that have kids and a house and lives they need to support. Working and working for just little money working hard to make someone elses dreams come true and getting paid little for. People always say you ned to go to college or you need to do this and that so you can get a good job and yeah maybe that’s so but what about the familys who cant afford to go to college or something comes up and not able to get into a college is that honestly fair that they have to get a job that pays such little for hard work they put in? For a regular person…show more content…
And a store like mcdonalds lets say they have 11 employes on duty the company its self is only paying 80 dollars and hour. Yeah they have to pay to keep the store stocked and running but them making 1.3 million dollars an hour and only paying their emplyes as little as they do is terible. The ones who actualy put the work in too making that money for the company only gets 7.25 dollars an hour is rediculius and the company should feel ashamed and feel miserable for how they treat their employes. Companies these days don’t understand that people need to support theirself and their families and that’s impossible to do, working for min wage as low as it is. Although raising minimum wage has a lot of pros it also has lots of
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