The Importance Of Work In Society

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There have been many instances throughout my life when I have had to come together with another for a greater cause. Many days, when I head into work at CJ’s Pizza and Subs, there is always something happening. There is never a “normal” day, if you will. In society today, there are trials, tribulations, and obstacles that every person has to overcome for the greater cause. Such obstacles may be arise from the people we work with, the ways we are treated, or other unnecessary things that we carry into our jobs, homes, and schools. Every day that I go in to work, I must leave the pending situation behind and decide to be the bigger person to better myself and the environment around me. When an unpleasant event occurs at work, I usually try…show more content…
In order to solve a problem, every member of the team must be in it together and have each other’s backs. Team players cannot single one another out. A team is all working together for a common goal: to please the customers. Things may get messy, and we may get frustrated, but working together to solve the problem is the best action to take. Nobody comes into a job hoping and praying to ruin someone’s day. We all strive to have great days, even with all the crazy events going on around us. We must put a smile on our faces and reassure ourselves that everything will be okay. If one decides to let someone else ruin his or her day, then he or she can only blame himself or herself. I am there to work and only work. I only have to talk to my coworkers about work-related material. If they are treating me badly, I simply just walk away and go about my own business. Lastly, it is not wise to carry anything going on in one’s personal life into one’s work life. One should not take personal things or emotions out on others who have not done anything to him or her. After one gets his or her work done, he or she is free to be himself or herself and go on about his or her crazy, silly, amazing

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