Persuasive Essay About Working While Attending College

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Work, school, or both? Who wouldn’t love to stay young forever and not have to worry about life responsibilities? It is all fun and games until you graduate from high school and realize that education is not free anymore. The majority of college students today have a hard time deciding whether working while in college is a good idea or not. Some students must work while attending school due to financial reasons; while for others, it is an option. Although it is easier to focus on school completely, working while attending college can actually be extremely beneficial for future employment in students’ careers as well as life responsibilities. Balancing work and college can be challenging, but it is definitely not impossible. Working while attending college has many benefits which can be extremely rewarding for a student's future. For many, it will help to stand out from other students when applying for an…show more content…
Having a part time job with ten to fifteen hours a week will do just fine. It is all about learning and seeking experiences that will help you grow as a person, and prepare you for life after college. Nothing feels better than being independent and not having to rely on your parents for income to put into things like clothes, food, or fun activities with peers. Being financially responsible for yourself is something that will help you in the future when investing in a home, or saving to pay for bills. Not working while in college can be a lot less stressful due to having more time for assignments, but it is definitely not as beneficial in the long run. Most employers look for people with some sort of work experience. Any type of job will teach you responsibilities and tasks that will be helpful for any career you plan to take on in the future. Punctuality, professional skills, and responsibility are all elements that will help students build a successful life in the

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