Persuasive Essay About Year Round School

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2.6 months of learning is lost per year because students forget what they learned over the summer (Priddy). The traditional school calendar, which gives students three months of relaxation and no education, is having negative effects as the years go on. Year-round school, 45 days of learning followed by 15 days off, would provide students a less stressful year and other benefits as well. There are currently 3,253 year-round schools in the United States such as, Beecher Community and Flint High School. California currently has 130 year-round schools making it the leader in America (“Year-Round School Education Statistics”). The most common year-round plan has 15 days during the fall, three days for Thanksgiving, 15 days for winter break, 15…show more content…
A balanced school year will allow motivation of kids to continue all year. David Hornak, principal at a year-round school, states, “Our attendance rates are 95 percent or better on a daily basis, and our families understand that we have these wonderful breaks spread out through the year, ....” (Smith). With the school year being consistent with breaks, students will get burnt out much slower. Students will feel more motivated throughout the year and would increase attendance rates. Balance is essential in all things in life. School work should be no different. Students will achieve more academically is the year was balanced. “If you were a runner, if you were a pianist, if you focused on any certain activity for nine months and you went strong on it for nine months and then you took a three month break, you're going to slide backwards,” stated the superintendent, Eric Lieske, of a year-round school. Other authorities concur that when school is balanced and incessant throughout the year, students will perform better (Maloney). Athletes and artists do not take breaks because they would lose skills learned. School should be no different for students because balance and consistency is important for growth. Balance and consistency from year-round schooling will benefit students academically and mentally. The importance of balance during the school year is shown by the success of other countries who enforce year-round

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