Access Of Children To The Internet Essay

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Name- James Gallagher. Instructors:- Mandy Douglas; Mairead Feeney. Course:- CSDF Digital Forensics CA1. Date:- 28.FEB.2018. Access of children to the internet Introduction Access of children to the internet has become a widely debated topic. Issues such as the age children are allowed access, to young people being conned into thinking someone they are talking to online is their own age. Some websites that offer free videos and games are actually grooming sites for many paedophile 's. Children, often as young as three are allowed unsupervised access to the internet with no parental control. Although the internet is a very popular and powerful tool, extreme care by parents must be exercised when allowing their children to go online. In the following report, I intend to highlight some of these issues, highlight some of the benefits and come up with some possible solutions. Some children spend twice as long on the internet as their parents are aware of and start going online at a very young age, a study has found. Many children are looking at websites and videos that contain animal cruelty, pornography, and self-harm. As much as twenty-five percent admit to pretending to be older to…show more content…
The majority of children do not tell anyone because they may not know they are being mistreated, may not have anyone they can tell or because they feel guilty or ashamed. According to research, twenty percent of children aged eight to eleven and seventy percent of teenagers aged twelve to fifteen have a social media account. ofcom(2016). Twenty-five percent of those children have been exposed to something upsetting. Bentley, H et al (2017). In excess of seventy percent of parents have searched for advice on how to help their children manage the risks of being online. ofcom(2016). Almost twenty-five percent of children have experienced racist of hate messages while being online. Livingston, S
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