Persuasive Essay After School Sports

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Many students in our country partake in after school activities such as theater or band. One of the more popular extra curricular activities is sports. Many have criticized these activities as dangerous, as well as consuming all the time students have to relax or work on homework. Despite these protests to school sports, many studies as well as students have said many good things come from the sports they play for the school. Schools should be encouraging students to partake in sports and stay active in order to help them maintain and improve academic success.
Student athletes are said to have better memory than the average student. Research done by Harvard Medical School shows that the part of the brain that controls thinking and memory, also known as the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex, are greater in volume if you exercise. “Even more exciting is the finding that engaging in a program of regular
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One skill that comes with being a student athlete is that student athletes are able to multitask better than other students. “Student-athletes who choose to compete in two sports at the same time have to quickly learn and develop countless life skills, including time management, multi-tasking and discipline, and they sometimes need academic and emotional help.” (Stankovich). Student athletes have to balance the time they spend at school, sports, and with family. With only twenty four hours in a day this can be very hard for them, but they are still able to make it through thanks to some of the many other skills they have acquired. One of which is time management, which plays a huge role in school life. Student athletes use this skill in and outside of school whether it is for homework, family or getting to practice on time. With the skills they have enhanced they have the ability to make fantastic academic
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