Persuasive Essay Against Animal Abuse

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Animal Cruelty
I’m against animal cruelty; the attachment I have towards animals is unstoppable i’ll be with them all day. It comes to the point when I hear the news or look at social media where a dog was being kicked and chained up I get so emotional I can’t even watch the whole video. I’ll break into tears and anger because nobody stops the person. The person then continues kicking and laughing as if it was enjoyable for them. I wonder to myself “why do these heartless animal lovers buy dogs just to hurt them? Instead of caring for them and adoring them the way they should be treated.” There 's an article in teen ink about animal cruelty and it states that “most animal abusers find some of fulfillment or power in torturing a victim they know
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I believe that people should be involved and notice that animal cruelty isn 't a good thing and should make or create a law against animal cruelty. Its equivalent to beating a person up, everyone needs to be cared and loved for; not just us people but animals as well, people need to stop slaughtering, skinning, hunting, and hurting these helpless animals. It feels great knowing that there is a law against animal abuse and also counts. Yes counts on animal abuse, the FBI is also interested and somewhat involved with these types of dangerous “animal abuse crimes.”2 The FBI is “counting animal abuse as a serious crime and backing it up with hard data.”3 Thank god the FBI is doing this because many people don’t know that animal abuse is a thing. In Washington D.C. they said they’ll be counting animal abuse as a “felony.”4 The FBI isn 't just focusing on household pets their always helping with farm animals like pigs, lambs, goats, horses, cows, chickens and more livestock. There were farmers who stomped chickens killing them to death and a guy burning a live cat to die! A man’s mission is to “collect as many data as possible to enforce the law to report the statistics.”5 I agree with him so that humans will realize that there are heartless individuals that keep killing, sexually abusing, torturing, mutilating
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