Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Imagine this: you hear your mother crying in another room. She has just gotten terrible news. Her youngest son has died from bleeding in the brain from an injury. The loss in the family has been hard on everyone. Your brother received this brain injury while taking a hard blow to the head while in football practice. You probably know that these sort of deaths are a serious problem, and scientists are trying to prevent them. It is a comforting thought to know scientists are trying to stop these deaths. However, this research could not take place without the animals being used as test subjects. The use of animal lives in medical research and in testing of drug is a necessary sacrifice to save countless human lives. Animal testing is a very contentious subject for many people. Many groups such as PETA and others that are against animal testing would have you believe that nothing good comes from animal testing. The simple fact is this: the drugs created using animals as test subject save peoples lives. One piece of evidence is from the database Sirs Knowledge Source is ”Every year millions of lives are saved due to the use of various antibiotics, vaccine and other types of drugs, none of which would exist if not for animal testing.” Some parts of animal testing are not so great but the positive thing that come from animal testing are much greater than the negative things that come out of it. To question something that is saving millions of people a year is

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