Animal Testing Argumentative Essay

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Imagine this: you hear your mother crying in another room. She has just gotten terrible news. Her youngest son has died from bleeding in the brain from an injury. The loss in the family has been hard on everyone. Your brother received this brain injury while taking a hard blow to the head while in football practice. You probably know that these sort of deaths are a serious problem, and scientists are trying to prevent them. It is a comforting thought to know scientists are trying to stop these deaths. However, this research could not take place without the animals being used as test subjects. The use of animal lives in medical research and in testing of drug is a necessary sacrifice to save countless human lives.
Animal testing is a
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For instance “Polio is terrifying . It was even more frightening before a vaccine to prevent, it became available in the 1955. Those affected by the virus experience crippling in the arms and legs and even paralysis of the muscle of there respiratory system. Polio affected children more than adults and even today, there is no cure. Polio researchers had tested their vaccine on more than 9,ooo monkeys and 120 chimpanzees..” As you can see polio is a very alarming disease. By creating the vaccine the researchers saved thousands of children from a disease that would leave them handicapped for life. Think if all the mothers of children the researchers saved from watching their child go through that, no mother want to see their child like that. Also the parents of children with this disease would have to take care of their child as if he or she is a baby for life because they could never leave their bed. This disease also makes the child infected with in miserable not only do they go through intense pain but also miss out on their childhood and life, that most people take for granted. They miss going to school, playing with other children, and getting married. The vaccine would not have been possible without the monkeys and chimpanzees the researchers tested on. All in all polio is only one disease that a vaccine has been created form by animal testing that saved countless lives and will continue saving more
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