Persuasive Essay: Curfew Should Be Banned

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Curfew is a citywide order that keeps people homebound inside their homes or will face arrest. This system of keeping people out of public has proved to unuseful and outdated. According to Kenneth Adams, a criminal justice professor at the University of Central Florida, “The most useful aspect of a curfew is it gives an impression that the police are doing something” but they are not really doing anything useful other than using our tax money. Many people believe that curfew helps society keep things in order. The truth of the matter is it does the opposite and needs to be banned. One reason why Curfew should be eliminated is it targets the wrong people. Experts have said that little criminal activity happens overnight which proves that most of the kids that are being kept inside are not looking to break any laws. In Ferguson and Baltimore police blamed teens for most of the problems but their logs showed that most…show more content…
They believe that because there is a curfew it will cut down crime. However there is no prove that curfew actually helps, in many cases it makes it worse. Jennifer L. Doleac of the University of Virginia tracked gun violence during curfew times in poor sections of Washington, D.C. “When the curfew switches [from midnight to 11 p.m. in Washington in September] gun violence goes up during the 11 p.m. hour. Because nothing else changes suddenly during that hour, and we don't see similar effects in other hours of the day, we can be sure the increase is due to the curfew.” This shows that the curfew did not cut the crime rate and instead made it worse. Not only do the scientist say that curfew don't work a former police chief in Dover and Lewes, Horvath, also believes it doesn't help saying "People that are determined to commit crime are going to commit crime, even if that means violating a curfew, I've never heard anything where a curfew has been a great

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