Persuasive Essay Against Death Penalty

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Life is one of the most valuable assets of a human that cannot be compared to anything else. And no one wants to lose it. People always are afraid about death and no one knows how will die, it can be either natural death that is a density or murder that is the action of taking the life of a human being. Capital punishment for murder is death penalty, it means a life for a life and an eye for an eye. Criminals who commit murder are divided in two groups, ones commit murder for self-defense and another group does it for fun. the Death penalty cannot be applied to both groups, for example, some who commits it to defend from yourself, do not deserve to receive capital punishment, however someone who has committed a serial murder. Definitely deserve to death penalty. We have a proverb in Dray that each tree has a couple of rotten fruit and for preventing from spoilage of other fruits they must be removed, society is the same as a tree and criminals are the rotten fruits of this tree and should be removed. I am one of the opponents of the death penalty because of these reasons: inequality, innocent, it does not work as a deterrent, and
Proponents of the death penalty are always talking about equality in the society and that anyone who commit crimes should receive punishment according to law and regulation and no one can change it. However, they do not think about the levels of power in the society. Unfortunately, nowadays, there is no equality in the society and anyone who is

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