Argumentative Essay-It's Time To Legalize Gay Marriage

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Children with gay parents are being bullied. Today kids in society are mean, rude, and hateful. Kids do not care about your feelings. Their once was a girl who had two dads because they were gay. She went to school but, was embarrassed to tell people about her dads. The teacher and some students asked her why her mom didn’t go to the Mother’s Day lunch. The girl got bullied and made fun of because she didn’t have a mom to join her in her lunch. Day after day she say alone at lunch because the kids thought she was weird and different. When the girl got through eighth grade, she dropped out of school and never graduated. The girl never got the courage to go back to school after she got bullied in middle school about gay parents. Gay marriage should be illegal because gay marriage is contrary with the word of God and incompatible with beliefs, sacred texts, and many religious leaders and a child needs bother a father and a mother.
Gay marriage is a contrary to the word of God and incompatible with beliefs, sacred texts, and many religious leaders. God created humans to engage in sex only within the arrangement of marriage between a male and a female. In Genesis 1:27 it states “And God
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Overall allowing gay marriage to be legal would be hurting society and the world. It would show children that they don’t need both a mother and a father and that is not the right message to be sending to children. How would a young child feel about having same sex parents when his or her friend has a father and a mother. The young child would not understand why he didn’t have a mother or a father. If people allow same sex marriage it is going to cause more conflicts in the world. For example, bullying and religious beliefs. What if a gay couples son grows up and think he has to like males because that he how his parents feel. Some feel same sex marriage is perfectly fine but on the other hand many people believe that is i wrong and
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