Persuasive Essay Against Gun Control

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Gun Control Gun control is a very much so debated about topic in America today. You can walk around and talk to everyone you know and they are either for it or against it. They will all have their own opinion about it. What is the point of gun control? The 2nd amendment protects our rights to own guns. Guns are used in homes for self-defense. These are all things that one might say. But, not everyone can tell you the benefits of guns in our society. What is gun control? Gun control is the description that protesters and socialist groups have put on the topic of making laws about guns. Some people want to ban guns, so they are illegal and not the problem. Others want to put limits on what type of guns the people can buy. Then there are the people that want to put a restriction on the amount of some guns sold.(LaFollette) Gun control is a very debated topic because of the recent shootings. But, what the people need to realize is that it wasn’t the guns walking around killing people, there have to be people behind these guns. We need to control our people before we take it out on the guns. Owning a firearm is a big responsibility and we need to keep that responsibility in the hands of the people that can handle it.(Farago) Gun control is one of the most debated topics in America, but we need to understand they are not the problem. The Second Amendment is a crucial point in the debate for gun control laws. It clearly states “the people 's right to keep and bear arms shall not

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