Persuasive Essay Against Immigration

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Many people are against immigration. For example Donald Trump, currently president of the United States, believes all forms of immigration should be reduced, legal and illegal. Over time and many years, fences were built at the Mexican-American border and tougher immigration policies were put into place for the purpose of trying to keep immigrants from crossing the border. During Trump’s presidency he plans to build a wall on the border of Mexico and America to keep immigrants out. There are many people who are against immigration and believe that even legal immigration should not be happening. Some of the reasons people think this way is based off of things they’ve heard. As an example it has been said that Mexican immigrants specifically…show more content…
Most public schools (k-12) are free for children to get their education. There are at least 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States, all of which have multiple opportunities of scholarships to pay for that school. It is very easy to find a job with over six million job openings in the U.S. Immigrants come to the United States for work and do the jobs that Americans refuse to do.
The American Dream is an idea that was created in the 1900’s based on the idea that with enough work and intuition in America a person can be successful. Not very many people still believe in the American Dream but there are still a great amount who do. Many of those people are ones that are not actively experiencing life in the U.S. Life in the United States is very different than people make it out to seem, it’s not as benefitting. However, the American Dream still brings people into the United States from different countries.
Of the eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States and many more to come, one million should be provided legal documentation and permanent residency as an American citizen. Background checks should be put in place for these immigrants. All of which follow the guidelines and meet the requirements to be an American citizen should become an American citizen. Any immigrants who don’t meet the requirements and follow the guidelines should at least be given a chance to get there as opposed to being
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