Should School Uniform Be Compulsory

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Depending on each person’s viewpoint, school uniform can be both favourable and deficient. Personally, I for one is supporting the idea of school uniform for multiple reasons. Not only can it decrease the chances of bullying, but it also polishes the students’ attitudes and punctuality, which is an important characteristic in every successful future. Moreover, focusing further on education and less on the outfits is easier with school uniforms. Another point is, uniforms prohibit crime rates and reinforce security.

In recent studies, schools in which enforce school uniforms have less cases of bullying than schools in which do not. The reason for that is students remain pressured into keeping up with the trends and those who are unable
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Students are anxious to a smaller extent in relation to their guise and how they would have to conform with the crowds; thus, they can be more engrossed in their academics. Cultivation of perception between the superficiality and those of actual worth will occur whilst the distractions insignificant to the objective of school will be reduced. Hypothetically speaking, if students were to wear their own outfits, other students would have enquiries on their outfits, which will make them lose focus on their studies; But with school uniforms, students would not be able to do that. For instance, students who come from different financial backgrounds find it very complicated to comprehend in an environment where children have branded clothes, accessories, etcetera. With uniforms, neither the rich or the poor students have to worry about the brand of their clothes. Therefore, helping them to convene on their schooling. Some students have turned school into a perpetual extravaganza, leading them astray from learning, as some kids waste time obsessing over their outfits than on homework. Besides that, uniform just constantly promote the students that they are in an learning surroundings and they shouldn 't do anything
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