Persuasive Essay: Allowing Guns On College Campuses

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Guns On College Campuses You are strolling across the school campus trying to arrive at your upcoming class when a maniac pulls out their rifle and starts spraying bullets. You are witnessing your fellow peers being shot and obliterated, and you do not have any way to defend yourself, so you sprint and attempt to hide. You have no other choice, but to call the police and to have to wait, the average response time of nine minutes, for them to arrive. Hoping, just hoping the shooter does not find you. It is all over the news nowadays. Roughly 142 school shootings have happened since the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut leaving 30 dead, 53 injured, and hundreds traumatized, and, unfortunately, this butchering seems like it is becoming a bit gray (Staff). Do Americans simply just do not care about our young adults anymore? There are several possibilities that different people can come up with to solve this epidemic, but only one solution will truly decipher this problem. We need to allow guns to be permitted on college campuses.…show more content…
Allowing guns on college campuses will merely increase the chances of a school shooting occurring and increase the crime rate in schools. That this would not solve anything at all, it will purely make matters worse, although this rest far from the truth. Research conducted by the “American Gun Facts” surveyed hundreds of felons and polls showed that ⅗ felons would not dare to intervene with an armed victim. Not to mention, of all registered firearms in the United States, only 8.5% are murders, 5% are rapes, 7% are aggravated assaults, and 3% are robberies. If college students were armed with firearms, this would dramatically decrease the crime rate and the likelihood of a mass shooting occurring on a college campus. The evidence remains undeniable; nevertheless, others just need a bit extra
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