Descriptive Essay On Alone

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Staring off into the dark water. Watching as the sun 's reflection dances on top. Alone. In my own little world where problems just slip away. My wrist snaps as I skip a flat stone on the rushing current.The only sounds are the splashing of pebbles,the wind flowing through the trees, the birds singing. But sometimes if i’m lucky there would be the soft panting of a dog, lying next to me looking out just as I am. The little creek that is my sanctuary all year long. Spring. Stepping on the wood of the doc, I already feel the relaxing embrace of the endless water on the bright day. Cousins, young and old, are running past and jumping in the water with a splash. My brother is on his kayak making sure no one gets pulled away with the tide. Fishing poles leaning against the rails. Music blaring we 're all laughing and having a good time. Most of the adults are up at the house cooking, the others sitting down watching us so we don’t get sarcastic rating my messy dive. The fun seems like it would never end, but then the loud ring of the dinner bell interrupts our laughter. We all climb back up to the dry land…show more content…
I get pulled back into reality by a dog running around crudely tied to a small sled, a kid on the back flashing a warm smile. I quickly spot my brother digging a small fort in one of the snow banks with one of the children clinging to his side waiting for it to be finished. I can’t see the others when a big arctic snowball hits me. I found them by the sounds of the hyenaish laugh. Usually we only have 2 saints jumping around the snow with up but this year there 's 3. The puppy happily getting the hang of rolling through snow while the children make snow angels. The other 2 watching overprotective making sure all the squirrels and suspicious pinecones are nowhere near us. Soon it starts to warm up, once again the harsh winter becomes a cool
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