Persuasive Essay: An Example Of Cheerleading As A Sport

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In every sports game, people root for the teams they like; their ways of rooting can range from yelling to professional one called cheerleading. Cheerleading has a long history just as other sports. Cheerleading does not exist to simply motivate the team, but also makes audience and the game itself interesting. That is the reason why it should be considered as one of the sports. Although many do not see cheerleading as a sport, it is definitely considered as sport, as it requires intense physical activity, entertains people, and unites players.
Firstly, cheerleading is a sport since it requires intense physical activity for the players. Sport means “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical ability and often of a competitive nature” (, n.d.). Cheerleading consists of jumps, dances, and tumbling, which people generally do for exercising and consider as a sport. Not only having those, cheerleading also requires muscular strength for male and flexibility and balance for female which are also required for the other sports such as gymnastics. Most times, male cheerleaders become the “bases” with the performance which lifts the female cheerleaders and it involves great physical strength. Female cheerleaders, on the other hand, become the “fliers” who should balance themselves well while they are up and this kind of performance involves great flexibility as well as physical strength. Cheerleaders’ physical strength and skills come from the intense practice and
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