Persuasive Essay: Animal Cloning To Save Endangered Animals

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Combine both animal and plant endangerment numbers, there is 23,000 animals and plants are endangered. Animal cloning, to save endangered animals should happen,soon when animals do get cloned, the 23,000 animal count, will fall! Within the next few paragraphs you will see how pleasant animal cloning can be! The Passenger Pigeon shall live again! Yes the Passenger Pigeon, will and MUST live again! Soon, all we need is time, and that is one of the things that we all have in this world. We are able to bring back needed animals so should we bring back the Pigeons or should we let them live on the extinct list forever.
First from NYLN Blog, “It can produce the best animal population.” With this in mind, the writer is saying that certain animals that help the environment, it makes us see that people have been hunting certain animals to extinction, and near extinction, could continue to make their population grow and make sure that they have a healthy to live in. It would make us soon realize how bad it would be to see animals that are needed, disappear but that will never happen! To continue, “ It will reproduce endangered or even extinct species.” The author is trying to say that, the more species that become extinct, or placed on the endangered list, would really have an effect on the whole world. There will most likely be at least one endangered animal for each continent, most likely by the end of this year, or next year. So, once we are able to clone the animals, certain
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