Persuasive Essay: Are High School Sports Dying?

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Are High School Sports Dying?

It’s the Friday night lights, the thrill of running out of the tunnel, the loud warm up music, the crowd yelling to support you, that every high school athlete looks forward to. Winning the rival game, going head to head against friends from other schools, creating memories that will last a lifetime, those crazy bus rides and the long ones home after a tough lost. You play because you love the game but others play for the social aspect. Lately, it hasn't been about the players so much anymore it's been about your last name, who your parents are and how much money your parents are willing to donate to the program in order for you to get that starting position or more playing time. High school athletics have changed
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As an athlete in one of these clubs the insanity of the work out, practice, game, and traveling is a complete start to a college athlete life. These coaches are also more serious about not only the game but their athletes. In the article “Ex-College Coach Explains Why High School Sports Should Die” in Forbes Len Stevens states that “Club sports can provide better opportunities for scholarships, but they can’t replicate that feeling of playing for something bigger than yourself.” They might not be able to replicate the feeling of playing for something bigger such as a league or state title, but if you are a serious athlete and you want to take your career somewhere club or AAU is the way to go. Yes, AAU and Club teams do cost more money than playing on a high school team but these athletes have the skill and passion more about the sport than most high school athletes. These coaches help the athletes throughout the whole entire year, they help you reach the next level, they are concerned about feelings and the way they are doing in school. Not saying that high school coaches don’t do the same, but they don’t take it as serious. High school coaches are there to win games and get payed is what it seems like

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