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To require attendance or not to require attendance. That is the question that every faculty member has to answer.
Some choose to have lenient policies that allow multiple absences. Others follow a strict policy of dropping letter grades or percentages for every absence or tardy.
In my opinion, attendance or participation policies are harmful and disadvantageous to students.
According to the research of Karen St. Clair, the attendance of college students is linked to motivation, not attendance policies (Human Sciences Press, Inc.).
Furthermore, her data shows that required attendance does not guarantee high achievement in courses. St. Clair concluded that low achievement in a course is usually due to a number of factors and is not dependent on attendance.
That means that someone showing up to every
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I’m one of the lucky ones because my cramps last one to two days. Other students have a week or more of intense pain.
Is it really beneficial or necessary to have sick, zombie-like, distracted students in classrooms?
Those are some of the ways that attendance policies hurt students. But don’t college students deserve respect in making their own decisions regarding their schedule?
We are adults who are paying big money in tuition; let us be responsible for our own education, including attendance. Treat us like adults and let us prioritize our time. S—t happens, stuff comes up and sometimes we cannot make it to class. Our attendance does not reflect our competency in the course.
Well, how can faculty get students to attend class without attendance policies? There are so many alternatives to strict attendance policies — get creative!
Michael Bugeja, a professor at Iowa State University, requires his students to email their excuse for class absences with the caveat that they must be completely honest.
Sometimes reshaping your syllabus or lecture style can receive an increase in attendance than a strict policy
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