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Beowulf Essay Beowulf shows many traits and characteristics of a hero. People may not realize it, but he does act like a hero.Throughout the whole story, he does many noble actions that could compare well to many superheroes. Basically what makes Beowulf Beowulf is that he does do things for selfish reasons he does things for the people. Beowulf didn’t have to fight Grendel. Grendel wasn’t terrorizing Beowulf’s country, nor did Grendel provoke Beowulf. Beowulf stormed across the sea to slay the devilish creature on his own initiative. Grendel was slayed because Beowulf wanted to help society, not because he needed to. People may say that the only reason Beowulf decided to help is the fact that killing Grendel could bring fame and glory to Beowulf’s name, which is absolutely selfish and conceited. However, Grendel had been around for more than decade, and killing an abundance of men every time he striked. The result of the fight was…show more content…
For example, when Beowulf first landed on Denmark, the guard let Beowulf in within a matter of a couple exchanged words. Beowulf seems trustworthy to most people. Exactly like any other comic superhero or Santa Claus for instance. Kids can trust a man they never met in the mall because he looks like someone who is, more than likely, trustworthy. When people make first impressions, they try to act like or they already are someone who is honest and honorable. With Beowulf, he doesn’t have to act. Another point is that Beowulf is strong. Not just physically strong, but mentally strong. During the fight with Grendel, it appeared as if Beowulf was losing. A good quantity of his men were getting slaughtered, and Grendel seemed to be invulnerable. However, Beowulf did not give up. Not giving up takes courage, especially when fighting an enormous monster from Hell who is eating your people alive. Beowulf is full of audacity and determination, and that’s what differs him from typical

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