Persuasive Essay Breakfast

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Susan King
Mrs. King
8th hour
07 April 2017
Breakfast Is The Best For You
Have you ever wondered how bad it is if you skip breakfast? Skipping breakfast can be really bad for your body. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you energy and nutrients to have a good start to the day and you have not eaten for a good 8-12 hours when sleeping. One thing that you need to now is breakfast gives use a lot of energy/nutrients for use to begin the day. The article, “Breakfast food for thought” claims that “Your body is like a car: If you don 't put gas in it, you won 't get far. Refueling with breakfast will give you the energy you need to get through the day until lunchtime.” (Breakfast food for thought) Because of this, the evidence shows how energy is important to your body just like how gas is very important for your car. Also, “Breakfast food for thought” reports that “Not only does skipping breakfast leave you with low energy, research has shown that it compromises your ability to get all the nutrients you need each day.” (Breakfast food for thought) This shows how important it is to not skip breakfast. In addition “Breakfast food for thought” states that “Not only is it easier to get all your daily nutrients if you stretch them over three meals, but some nutrients such as calcium are better absorbed if we get them a little at a time throughout the day.” (Breakfast food for thought) This evidence shows how it is better to have all three meals a day

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