Persuasive Essay On Bullies

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Although everyone pretty much originated from two people the human race has grown to be very different from one another. However, bullies seem to think that everyone is supposed to be the same. That is the reason bullies bully people, it’s because they think the person is weaker than them and bullies don 't like that they 're different from them. People like Emily who went to Fairfield Intermediate and Middle School in Ohio have been bullied by people so much that they decided to end their lives. Emily was just a teen in Ohio who was happy, enjoyable to be around, and was beautiful. However, her bullies didn’t agree with this and decided to tease her and bully her and make her life miserable. Emily couldn’t handle it so she took her life. Bullies…show more content…
They won 't recognize what they are doing to other people because they are to busy with their own problems to care. Which means we should punish them so they can stop. According to “After years of alleged bullying, an Ohio teen killed herself. Is her school district responsible?” it talks about Emily being bullied about her everything from race to sexuality. It says,” Meanwhile, the lawsuit alleges that Emilie suffered discrimination because of her race and perceived sexual orientation and that school officials were negligent in their handling of her bullying.” This shows that bullies can be to cruel and make lives miserable at school. Like before bullies won 't stop until they are forced to stop. If nobody stands up for Emily or any other bullying victims then bullying will continue to happen. Also, on article, “8 Guidelines for Disciplining Bullies at School Steps to take when disciplining bullies at school” It says, since bullying isn’t being reported the bullying will keep happening. The article states, “The result is that more bullying will take place because fewer incidents are being reported.” This shows because the victims of bullying don 't want snitch in one of their name callings. Since the victims are too afraid to stop bullying and nobody else wants to stand up to bullying then it will continue to happen. Again bullying won 't stop until someone stops

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