Persuasive Essay Bully

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Although everyone pretty much originated from two people the human race has grown to be very different from one another. However, bullies seem to think that everyone is supposed to be the same. That is the reason bullies bully people, it’s because they think the person is weaker than them and bullies don 't like that they 're different from them. People like Emily who went to Fairfield Intermediate and Middle School in Ohio have been bullied by people so much that they decided to end their lives. Emily was just a teen in Ohio who was happy, enjoyable to be around, and was beautiful. However, her bullies didn’t agree with this and decided to tease her and bully her and make her life miserable. Emily couldn’t handle it so she took her life. Bullies should be punished because many kids are killing themselves over bullying, and bullies won 't stop until someone forces them, but some people think they should be taught and helped to understand their actions. Bullies should be punished for their actions because too many kids are killing themselves or losing self confidence and not coming to school. For example bullies make kids unsure about themselves in school and make them hate their everything. According to the article, “My Story Of Being Picked On. From Bullies To Success In Life.” it says kids are being picked on about their everything. It says,“I am starting getting picked on in the 2nd grade, I was picked on by everyone about everything about myself.”(Shawn ND). This
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