Why Do People Get Pets For Cats

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There are lots of reason why people don’t get pets for example cats can do some destruction in your house you might get a cat that is not trained at all this could be a big problem in your house, also cat can scratch you. Also maybe even bite you this is why you need to treat the cat right just how you want the cat to treat you. Most people think that cats are lovable but this is not the case some cats can be really scared of people and when they hide don’t try to pull or grab him out he is most likely really scared and if you try to grab him he can either bite you or scratch you really bad. At that moment you might think that you need to take this cat back now don’t all it needs is to be trained. Most cats really love to be loved they will meow when they want food or if they want to get loved or to get attention from you but not all cats do this that’s why you always need to choose the right cat so that it wont scratch you. Also some lovable cat scratch you so that you can either hold them or just wants to be scratched on there back. Most cats when you scratch them on there…show more content…
Which can be really dangerous if they bit to hard or if you have kids running around the house. This wont lead to a good cause this might be going on for months If you don’t treat the cat how it wants to be treated. There are ways you can treat a cat or you can train a cat, training a cat can be difficult and will take a long time try to get your cat trained. If you don’t train it right things can go horribly bad. This is why you always need to treat a pet just how you want to be treated. For example if you treat it badly it wont want to be held. It will run and sometimes hide. When it hides its meaning that it is scared and it doesn’t want to be held and this can lead to a bite or

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