College Should Be Thrown Off A Ledge Essay

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Rough Draft: College should be thrown off a ledge (help i need new title) Deciding whether college is the best path to take can be difficult for many high school students, as it is the deciding factor in determining one’s success in the future. Oftentimes, it is not the students’ choice to make. Rather, it is from the pressures of society that impels them to go to college, whether they are by parents, teachers and guidance counselors, the media, or past alumni who had already gone to college. Students are conditioned to maintain the belief that going to college is the “right thing to do”, that a higher form of education leads to better chances of success in life. Yet, with the ever rising prices of tuition, college seems to be a reach for…show more content…
With the advancements in technology, it is entirely possible to both find ways to educate oneself as well as to establish connections online as an alternative to how colleges establish connections for students to acquire potential internships. Websites like Linkedin allows one to establish connections to people to are in the same career as they are, while other websites, like Coursera and EdX, give free online courses to those who are willing to learn from top colleges. In this way, students do not have to assume debt and struggle through their lives just to obtain a degree that is considered worthless to businesses unless the person has the necessary experience needed for employers to accept him into the workforce. Going into college as a way to try to obtain a degree to get a job of one’s choice may not exactly be a good idea, when most jobs do not require a degree and still pay well for the individual. Depending on the career path, one would consider trade schools as an alternative to a college degree. In this way, the student does not have to face the overwhelming amount of debt with the addition of not working in jobs that are not of the person’s career path at all. This would allow the individual to focus more on learning skills hands-on, whilst not having to worry about money being a major issue in their
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