Persuasive Essay: Competitive Sports

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Competitive sports is a topic that is very debatable. People argue that competitive sports are dangerous and others think different. Personally, I think that competitive sports are a good thing for kids because they can prepare you for the future, keep you physically and mentally active and also, they teach kids helpful lessons. Even though sports can be dangerous, kids that want to pursue that sport and continuously practice, know what they are getting into. One reason that I think competitive sports are good is because it prepares kids for the future. For example, competing can come up in many different situation other than sports, like if you want a position in a job or you want the most customers if you own a business. Also it will teach kids how to lose and win so they don 't have a fit or be a bad sport. In addition to that, kids can get scholarships if they are good enough and it can lead to a career to be a professional athlete, every…show more content…
Lastly playing competitive sports teaches kids life lessons. For example , they teach kids how to win and lose and to be a good sport. Playing competitive sports also cover the essentials of commitment, discipline, sacrifice, and priorities. Along with that, It can teach kids important life lessons about teamwork and fair play. In addition to that, in competitive sports, children work together to accomplish a task and learn from their mistakes, which can help in the future, stated The New York Times Stephen D. Keener, the president and chief executive of Little League International. In conclusion, both sides have many reasons on why competitive sports would be good or bad. In my opinion, competitive sports are good because they can prepare you for the future, keep you physically and mentally strong and also, teaches kids helpful lessons. Like I said before competitive sports do have some disadvantages like getting hurt or having a lot of pressure put on, even to young kids but there are definitely a lot of
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