Persuasive Essay: Competitive Sports For Children

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Competitive sports for children can be dangerous in many ways. Kids are always spraining, breaking, dislocating, or fracturing parts of their body. Sports cost lots of money for equipment, entry fees, and for the other things that are needed to be paid. Also children have slim chances of making it into professional and college leagues. Many people think that sports are healthy for kids, but that isn’t the truth. I believe that competitive sports are bad because of injuries, costs and false dreams of making it the pros. First off, competitive sports is dangerous because of the injures. Lots of kids who play sports get injured. USA Today’s article, “1.35 million youths a year have serious sports injuries states the number of kids getting injured just in the title! The article mentions things…show more content…
According to NCAA’s article, “Probability of competing in sports beyond high school”, it states that in men’s ice hockey, only 11.2% of high school players will play in college, the numbers are even less for other sports, only 3.4% of high school men’s basketball players will go on to play in college. Say a child has played competitive sports since he was young, if you count all the injuries and money spent on sports and he doesn’t make it into to college or professional leagues, then what was the point of all the trouble that family had to go through. Also according to NCAA, the numbers drop even lower from college leagues to professional leagues, with 8.6% being the highest percent of college baseball players that will play in the MLB, with the lowest being 0.9% of women college players that will go to the WNBA. To get into professional leagues is extremely difficult and highly unlikely, when children don’t get into the professional leagues it destroys their dreams. These facts go to show that the odds of a child making it into professional sports is nearly
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