Personal Narrative: Hurdle Racing

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When the official pulls the trigger, the runners starts to run and jump through all the hurdles and obstacles that they are to face. Some people will trip, and some will fall, but in the end, they always finish. Nobody said it was going to be easy but there they are, still standing at the track. Hurdle Racing is very much alike with College. You will face a lot of problems on the way but you should not let it face you. It’s a long way going down this road but when you reach your destination, it will be worth it. Lack of time, a negative mindset, and lack of determination were the obstacles that I, Donna Beegle, and my classmate faced crossing the border into college. The obstacle to my success as I cross the border into college is the lack of time. I had to miss some of my classes because I had to attend meetings at the Navy Recruit Office and also do Physical Training in preparation for the Navy Bootcamp. My class schedule conflicted with the time and date we had our Physical Training. Music, also being my passion and part-time job, also gets in the way of my schooling. Constant demands and requests for new music from my supporters…show more content…
Her past experiences in school influenced her thinking about getting into school. She states “My early experiences in impoverished schools shaped my views and expectations in the future”(135). Education to her meant stress. She says, “I learned early on that education meant additional stress to our family”(135). Education also served as a distraction to her for meeting family needs. She writes, “In my world, education served as a distraction from being able to meet our daily basic needs or from being close to my family, the only thing I had”(135). This shows how Donna Beegle’s negative mindset about school almost hindered her from reaching her goal of getting a higher education, but it did not stop her from pursuing her
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