Design Your Own Baby Research Paper

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Design Your Own Baby To every parent, parenthood can be terrifying. The thought of raising an actual living, breathing human being is quite a nerve-racking concept. What's even scarier is the thought of that child being ugly. Just take a second to process the thought of physically carrying a child for about 265 days, and then it comes out repulsive to look it is not fair to good-looking people.The biggest fear among mothers is carrying a child for 9 months just for it to come out looking like a naked-mole rat, which is just disappointing. Sure everyone says that no matter what parents love their children, but how can someone love something that makes them slightly gag every time they catch a glimpse of it? Luckily though, as time goes on…show more content…
Affluent people are the only people that should be running the world in the first place. ¨The future is now, but only if you have money,¨ because there is no possible way that poor people can benefit the future(The Daily Beast) . Poor people should just shrivel up and float away like their future´s anyway. There must be ¨broad awareness of the health benefits as well as personal, social, and ethical implications of genetics¨ so that designer babies will surely rule the world in the future(The Toronto Star) . If designer babies are reasonably priced, then that could potentially give poor people the chance the afford them. Who knows how much a poor or nice person could corrupt a perfect child? Even if someone is the most friendly and kind-hearted person ever, but they are poor they should still be denied a designer baby (Hardy). Sometimes families even want a designer baby to save their ill child, but if there are poor there is clearly no use to save them (Hardy). The benefits of designer babies are endless, but what is most important is that they could ¨alter the future of humanity¨ forever(The Daily Mail). The only way to promise that the future of the whole entire world is in good hands is to put this ¨terrifying weapon in the hands of the unscrupulous,¨ since they´re the only ones that get things done( The Daily Mail) . Designer babies promise wealthy individuals a good-looking child they deserve. Ugly people are often poor so once the planet is rid of them, then designer babies can finally take over, allowing pretty people to rightfully rule the
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