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In 2012, New York became the first state in the history of the United States of America to ban drinks size larger than 17 oz., claiming it was ‘life threatening’ by consuming too much of it ( As a country, people have to realize what harm foods such as these do to the human population. Foods are ruining people’s lives and their health every single day. The government should have a say in our diets to ensure a happy and healthy life for all people.
The government needs to have control in parts of our diets. Many people ask if our population is slowly ruining themselves by not watching their weight. The answer is yes, our population is slowly growing partly obese and overweight The USA overweight or obese rate in both males and females is 69%, which is fairly high. And out of that, T the average for obesity rate is only 35%, meaning that only 31% of our country can manage their weight and stay healthy by themselves, without the government’s help and unnecessary restrictions ( This shows that the necessity for government intervention in our diets is highly needed.
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The government should first start changing the diets of the younger age group since this age group is most malleable to change. The disturbing fact of the truth is that over 20% of children from the age group 2-5 years old are in fact overweight or obese ( People every day say that “Take care of the future generations, they one day will change the world” ( If the government doesn’t take action now, our future generation will change the world in an undesirable way. Not only that, but 38.2% of 6-19 year olds are also overweight or obese ( It is said that by 2030 the obesity rate for both adults and children will raise to over 50%, and this can and will cause problems for the people
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