Do Grades Matter Essay

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Have you ever come home from a long day working at school just to get yelled at by your parents because you forgot to turn in an assignment, or you got a bad grade on a paper? This happens to kids all over the world. Which brings up the argument do grades really matter? A lot of people say no they don't matter but then you have a lot of other people who say that they do matter, so do they really matter? An article from says “Teachers need to foster an environment that allows kids to think, allows them to ask the questions that matter to them, and allows them to feel comfortable pursuing answers, says Lythcott-Haims. Above all, students should leave school with a sense of purpose, a desire to learn more, and knowledge of what…show more content…
parents and kids are pushing for grades not to matter as much on standardized testing and “measuring” the capability of kids through a test, and answer sheets. Teachers should instead focus on helping the kids understand what they are being taught because the majority of kids won’t admit to not understanding the material that they are being taught because they don’t want to be different from the rest of the class and their friends. If teachers could focus on teaching to THE KIDS instead of teaching to test standards it would create a less stressful school environment and students wouldn’t stress and worry about their grades as much. If standardized testing continues to dictate if a student moves on to the next grade then what are quarterly grades for? If grades weren’t held in such high regard by the majority of the education then they certainly would not be as big of a weight on students shoulders as grades just numbers and doesn't reflect what someone actually knows just because a students number grades are low does not mean they are a dumb kid; they could be extremely talented in one or more other aspects of life and they could just be having trouble with this one subject and students should not have to feel like their future is riding on that one
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