Persuasive Essay: Do Kids Get Horrible Grades?

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Have you ever thought about why your kid is getting horrible grades? It is because your kid does not have enough study time because they are focused on the written homework. By giving too much written homework kids might not have the energy to study. With all the activities that kids participate in they might not have the time because by the time they get home from the activity it will be time to eat dinner and then they will go to bed. Besides kids should be learning not getting stressed. Kids should have less written homework and more study time so they will get better grades. A major reason why kids grades are decreasing is caused by the amount of written homework we get. Did you know that one out of four kids fail test when they have lots of written homework on a test nights. According to Richard Walker, an educational psychologist at Sydney University, data has proven that in countries where more time is spent on homework, students score in tests lowering rapidly. I have experienced this effect and sometimes when I get homework on a test night it will give me less time to study so I might not get as good as a grade. Studies show that kids grades will decrease if the test is on the same thing as the homework because you will remember the stuff that you did for homework because it is fresh in our head. So this proves that we need less…show more content…
Kids are stressed about studying and it is not just the kids it is the parents too. Imagine how hard it is to keep a kid at a desk for about 30 minutes to an hour for homework and studying. Dr Beverly Donaldson states that getting outside with your friends after school helps develop communication skills. Did you know that there is a recommended time spent on homework for each grade? I am in 6th grade and I spend about one hour and thirty minutes on homework with studying, but the recommended time is about 45 minutes. This proves that kids are getting overwhelmed not
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