Essay On The Benefits Of A College Education

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School is a gift that is provided by America, but what happens when students reach a point in their life when large amounts of money are asked in return order to learn? Is it still worth it? Our founding fathers created the 14th Amendment which states “when a state establishes a public school system, no child may be denied”. America offers the privilege to attend a public school at no cost from kindergarten through 12th grade. College allows you to begin your adult life. It is the stepping stone that allows students to open doors to careers and new life professions but it comes at a high cost. A college education helps students open doors for careers that require degrees and offer more money, it allows students to grow personally as well as…show more content…
Although the amount of people that are for a college learning experience is a slightly larger amount than the people that think otherwise, some people believe that getting a job out of high school without going to college will provide sufficient experience. The main purpose of a college education is to teach work-related skills and knowledge, while 39% say it is to help a student grow personally and intellectually (Pew Social & Demographic Trends). Views on college are usually very split, as seen with the study. Some people think that college doesn't help you while other studies show that a set amount of people believe it is a benefit and it is an experience that is needed and everyone should go through. 61% of United States citizens say a good work ethic is extremely important and 57% say the same about knowing how to get along with people. (Pew Social & Demographic
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