Should Homework Be Banned In Schools

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It was Monday morning, there was Kacey racing to get to her first class before the bell, but forgetting the most important assignment of all…...homework. When kacey arrived to her class, Mr. Solis was collecting the homework assignment as soon as she walked in the door. Mr.Solis questioned Kacey where her homework was, which obviously she didn’t have, so she was marked 15 points off her grade. As you can see, Mr.Solis does not tolerate late work. Not only did kacey miss 15 points, but her grade dropped drastically. The following day, kacey got another homework assignment and she knew not make the same mistake twice. When Kacey received her 3 paged homework assignment she started to become stress because her other 2 classes had projects due…show more content…
For instance, a student could be given a lot of homework and not all students have the time to get it done. They could have other extra curricular activities to do, like sports, chores, practice of some sort etc. It is found that too much homework could cause too little sleep. In this case, the average school hours for most districts are about 8-9am till 2-3pm. Usually, most kids spend about 6.5-7 hours of school from monday-friday, not only are students in school for many hours but for 5 days and homework just adds more hours at home. For are future athletes, most can’t practice or even do a sport because homework takes up most their day, causing students to lose the privilege of doing an outside activity. Though, many would say doing homework keeps the school mode of learning and prepared for the next day. The final reason why homework can be harmful is homework can even cause family issues or illness. Many would say “How can homework cause family issues?”, well there is one main reason. The reason is stress. Research shows when a child
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