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Electoral College Essay
The Electoral College system used in the United States to elect the President was created to make voting a smoother process when the country was first founded. At the time, the fastest way to transport people’s votes was by horseback. To speed up the voting process, U.S. leaders devised the Electoral College system, so the electors who represented each state could keep each other updated without the delay of travel. In today’s world, we have the Internet. Information is transmitted instantaneously through the web, resulting in no delay when votes are coming in from states during Election Day. The Electoral College system in the U.S. is unfair, outdated, and should be replaced.
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The votes that really matter are the electoral college votes. They are counted by state. Thus, candidates often pay a great deal of attention to some states and no attention to other states. Suppose, for example, a certain state is considered "safe," or sure to vote for one candidate. Neither candidate will do much campaigning there. Consequently, fewer voters may go to the polls in those states. Despite complaints, it would take an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to change the electoral college system. That is considered very unlikely to happen.
People who are for the concept of the electoral college may argue otherwise. For instance, in source 3 it says, “that even though the electoral college may seem a bit shady and unfair at times it still works.” Well I think that, that is a bunch of boloney. You know what I think I think that the electoral college is an unfair system that can’t be trusted and needs to be changed.
The Electoral College was a good system for the time it was founded. But in today’s world, where the presidency influenced the rest of the world, we cannot afford to keep using this unfair voting method and should instead use popular voting as well as the instant-runoff vote. These two methods allow the correct candidate to be elected as well as the one who most citizens

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