Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

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Euthanasia, also referred to as physician assisted suicide, is an option for those that are in pain and want to end their suffering. It is not easy to argue that an individual should not be able to make their own choice on if they want to end any type of suffering they are enduring. Some might argue that however ill a person may be, they are entitled to every hour granted to them. While this stance in particular is defendable in it’s own right, despite this belief, everyone who is able to make this type of decision is in control of their body and should be granted the option to end any type of unbearable pain. How can one who is not dying make the decision for the individual who is? There are both critics and supporters to euthanasia, and that…show more content…
Everyone deserves to die with dignity and nobody should continuously suffer if they do not have to. Patients, in just about any and every case, have control of their own body and the right to die whenever they feel is necessary in the process. Americans have the right to not be forced to suffer, and by not allowing patients to exercise the right to make their own decision in whatever case, that is doing injustice to them. People have a right to life, as well as the right to die. We must accept that people have the right to dispose of said life whenever they want. When a patient is terminally ill, they should have every right as human beings to make their own informed decision on whether to end their life or carry on and die naturally. Financially, the patient could potentially make their choice much easier if they are are already at a certain stage of their being. If financial problems line up with soon-to-be death, then why not take the easy way out? With the way hospitals are in today’s society, constantly crowded and such in most countries, the patient may very well see the perfect opportunity to take the high road in their respective situation. It is not an easy decision to make for everyone by any means, but at the end of the day each and every patient has control over their own body and should be able to make their own
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