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Firefighters Should Have a Degree
The fire alarm sounds in the middle of the night. Firefighters jump out of their beds, quickly fumbling into uniforms, boots, helmets, and gloves and rush to their assigned posts on the firetruck immediately alert and ready to react. The fire trucks rumble into the street packed with firefighters and all their equipment. Every minute counts and the public at large depends on their assistance. A fireman must be in great physical form and possess great mental stability in order to be effective. A firefighter should be a well-educated and well prepared individual in order to meet the demands and be able to deal with the high risk experiences involved in their work. Obtaining a college degree will improve the
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A higher degree and education is in everyone’s best interest as it increases your knowledge basis and the increase in salary that usually comes with an increase in education are also a plus.
College is a great place to enhance the growth of life skills, sharpen basic skills, and continue to develop critical thinking skills. Ernest Boyner states: “In spatial terms, teaching and learning may begin in the classroom, but course work also spills over into the life of the campus and the community. Students engage in experiential learning and co-curricular activities that take abstract ideas and anchor them in real-life problems.” (Coyle 20) In college one learns how to live around and becomes exposed to people of other cultures. As a firefighter, dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds, experiences and beliefs happens almost on a daily basis. Learning to handle various situations involving different types of people while respecting their beliefs and their cultures would be very beneficial for a firefighter. Core College subjects are also very important; English classes improve grammar, spelling and creative thinking. Problem solving skills and
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