Persuasive Essay: Flowers For Algernon

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"Flowers for Algernon" Persuasive Essay If you had a disability wouldn’t you want to be treated like everyone else? I would and so did Charlie. The story “Flowers for Algernon “, a science fiction story written by Daniel Keys, is about a man named Charlie Gordon who has a mental disability and underwent a surgery to triple his I.Q. It also tells about how Charlie developed and affected others around him after the surgery. Charlie Gordon should have underwent the artificial intelligence surgery. He wanted to be more intelligent, he finally understood his surroundings and he contributed to the study of increasing A.I. Charlie wanted to be more intelligent. For example he wouldn’t have went to Miss Kinnians class or he would have never…show more content…
Since Charlie was so unbelievably intelligence after the surgery he was able to solve things that both Dr.Nemur and Dr.Strauss couldn’t solve. “I have checked and rechecked my results a dozen times in hopes of finding a error. I’m sorry to say the results must stand.” In the quote Charlie states that the surgery was a failure. Which means that none else will have to go through what Charlie went through . Not only did Charlie spare both of the doctors lots of time and work but he also spared many people from having to go on the emotional roller coaster that Charlie rode on. A common argument is that he lost his job but this argument is weak because after the surgery Charlie was like a computer so it was unnecessary for Charlie to be working as a janitor in a box factory when he could be in a lab finding the cure for cancer. Another argument that someone could make would be that he lost his friends. This can be easily argued because Joe Frank were never actually friends of Charlie, they were bullies and nothing more. It was the right call for Charlie for to have had the A.I surgery. There were many why Charlie should have had the surgery but three key reasons were that he wanted to be more intelligent, he was able to understand his surroundings, and he contributed to the field of increasing intelligence artificially. Hopefully now after reading this essay you too can conclude
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