Persuasive Essay Football

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Football is one of America 's favorite pastimes, but with future generations no longer playing due to the concern of concussions and injuries--it could vanish entirely. 20% of high school students who have played football have suffered from some type of concussion("Overweight & Obesity" 2017). So many parents are no longer allowing their kids to play football, which brings concern for the future of football. Yet football is a fun and active sport that keeps kids in shape even though obesity is a growing problem in the US. After examining children playing football, it is clear that parents should allow their kids to be apart of football because it keeps kids in shape, while keeping them safe, and allows them to be successful later on in life. In America today obesity is an ever growing problem with ⅓ of kids ranging from 2 to 17 years of age, considered overweight or obese ("Overweight & Obesity" 2017). This could be the result of multiple things. Many parents across the United States give their kids cellular devices such as Ipods, Iphones, and Ipads (“Kate 's Kids Are Getting too Much Screen Time" 2016). Football is a way for kids to be able to get outside and exercise. This prevents kids from becoming overweight due to the lack of exercise. If kids are stuck inside on their devices it limits the amount of time that they get outside with family and friends. Football provides children with opportunities to get outside with their friends, but what about all the dangers
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