Persuasive Essay Football

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Football, an incredibly dangerous sport, has caused debate on whether parents should allow their kids to participate in this barbarous activity. One of the reasons football has become an issue is because of the multiple head injuries and deaths caused by helmet to helmet contact. Playing football can hurt your body in a physical and mental way and this could put a child 's future in danger. The negatives of football significantly outweigh the positives of playing the sport, therefore parents should not allow their kids to play such a treacherous and hazardous sport. When playing football, players experience big, powerful and painful hits. About 7,500 hits that youth players experience, 8% are high magnitude (Robach). Think about this, 40 G’s is the hardest amount of force someone can take from a car crash and still be able to walk away with no sort of injuries (Robach), yet parents allow their 7 and 8 year olds to receive hits of 80 G’s, that is the same force college players are dealt with when playing (Scott and Don). Little kids are getting hit the same way and same force grown men are when they play football, this is a huge problem. The hits kids experience or have faced should be taken into account when parents decide if their child should step on a football field. People believe that the big hits that players are dealt with are part of the game, and without the booming hits the sport wouldn 't be the as entertaining to watch. That is true, however, the results of
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