Personal Narrative-The Power Of Tears

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Children have been my greatest friends this past decade of my life. I love babysitting, watching kids at church and just saying "hello" to my sweet 32 pound pals in the church lobby. I didn 't really understand why kids loved me so much. I know I am fun, but I for sure am not too much of a pushover. The kids can have their treats unconditionally, but if they misbehave, I don 't have a bone in my body that feels bad about taking it away. They get upset, cry, and ask for their parents, but still get excited every time they see me. It didn 't make sense! I didn 't understand why their tears didn 't outweigh the fun times. When human nature is thought about, wouldn 't you also assume the kids would despise me after taking away mint chocolate chip ice cream?…show more content…
It is difficult for me to break down sobbing in front of people, but I do indeed whimper, and then comes the hours behind closed doors, and you can just imagine Niagra Falls worth of H2O mixed with some sodium chloride (and probably quite a few other things I am not educated enough to know) pouring down my clenched and tight face. These tears are tears of mourning, and mourning that I feel God having too. I know His plans are good, and I know anything evil entering into one of His precious children 's path shatters His heart. I just give my hurts to the dude who can handle it! When I try to take control of my hurting heart, I wind up with drooping eyes and probably bit of drool coming out of my mouth: I turn into an emotional
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