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New fashion trends pop up on the runway throughout the year. It can be confusing when making up your mind which outfits to include in your wardrobe because of all the different silhouettes and styles floating around. However, you are in luck because we have done a bit of digging around to look for the most stylish yet timeless dresses. These will not only add a touch of sophistication to any one who wears them but can also be accessorized and personalized according to one’s preference. 1- The Cocktail Dress Cocktail dresses are the most fashionable outfits you can wear to a semi-formal event. Therefore, if you want to look elegant yet attractive at the same time then this cocktail dress is your best bet. It comes in a universally appealing…show more content…
With this dress, you don’t have to think too hard. This is because It is fitted in all the right places and is the perfect length- neither too long nor too short. The lace crochet overlay covers an underslip with a sweetheart neckline that adds visual appeal to the overall dress. Another bonus point is that you can easily mix and match accessories with this outfit. Also, you can go ahead and bring out your stylish heels as well as clutch in order to put together the perfect party wear in no time. 2- The Black…show more content…
You can keep it simple with just a pair of shoes to match or you can take it up a notch and pair this dress with your favourite jewellery. From high boots to chunky statement jewellery, the options are limitless. It all depends on your own personal style. Afterall, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this type of dress so go ahead and get playful. You will see that there are so many ways to dress up in this dress for a wide range of occasions. 3- The Shift Dress For a fun and flirty look, the shift dress is the perfect choice. The colorful abstract print splattered all over this shift dress gives it a funky vibe.The buttoned long sleeves and interesting collar with a front zip are subtle additions that nevertheless add a bit more detail to the outfit and take it a step farther away from casual wear. You can complete this outfit with boots, dangling accessories or even an interesting belt for a boho feel. On the other hand, you can pair this dress with metallic jewellery for a more futuristic look. There is nothing dull about this dress and it is perfect for events or gatherings where you want to put your fun, creative side out on display. In short, this dress is for the bold and outgoing or for those who want to appear as

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