Problems In High School

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Teenagers seem to always have the need to lay their precious little noggins from slamming against their desks during class. Their eyes are as salty as the vast oceans of the world. Their eyes flake small crusts ever so rapidly. This problem needs to be put to rest. I, myself, have also suffered so greatly from this issue along with many other fellow students. Every morning it feels like dreams of a salty, seared steak has been dropped from our dream clouds and onto our eyeballs. It hurts so badly, but the solution to this major problem is quite simple. The school mornings need to be pushed back a little bit. There may be more problems that abound from this change, but the benefits outweigh the small issues.

Starting times need gravitate away from the early time areas. Grades have suffered from the unfair beginning of the day. Teens need to be able to process all of the occurrences that abound rapidly throughout the day. If their little heads are drooping lower than and old …show more content…

As of now, only fifteen percent of high schools start at 8:30 a.m. or later, and forty percent start before 8:00 a.m. This is a big issue for the poor humans that can 't get their eyes shut at the early times of night. A National Sleep Foundation poll found that fifty-nine percent of middle schoolers and eighty-seven percent of high schoolers are getting less sleep than the recommended eight to nine hours of sleep every night. If you think that it 's not that big of a deal and everyone should just take a sip of some coffee, you are quite incorrect, young sir. Caffeination to get through the day does not make up for the sleep deficits the students go through every school morning. Although the positive outcomes seem so bright and amazing, there are issues that arise as the sun 's light leaves

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