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I do not advocate for commercially prepared dried pet food diet even if it is premium quality. From the pet food recall incident, we know that dogs today get sick from cancer, diheabetes, liver and kidney diseases at a young age and most died suffering from the onset of the illness. The pet food recall event has confirmed my thoughts that a pet diet does contribute and play a major role in their health condition today.

Today, we cannot ignore the fact that commercially prepared food is a cause of these recent pet health issues. Cooking for your pet seems like the best choice today with the pet food recall incident. If you are unable to provide for homemade dog food, here are my suggestions on selecting a commercially prepared dog food and doing the best you can with choices you can make in minimizing long term health risks.

1) Select from specialty shop like your local pet shop rather then buy from supermarket. This option is most convenient for busy a busy pet owner. However, much consideration must be placed into selecting premium dog foods to ensure quality food source goes into preparing the food.

2) Read the labels of any food you buy. Avoid products containing unnamed animal and vegetable byproducts, wheat gluten and rice protein.

3) Check the FDA website regularly to see if the pet food brand choice you select is in the recall list.

4) Select brands that have meat sources listed as first two ingredients in the list. Look out for words like human-grade food

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