Persuasive Essay: Four Day School Week

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Four Day Week Most children all around the world can all agree on one thing, school is awful. Around one-hundred of the country’s, fifteen-thousand school districts currently use the four day school week. Schools should all convert to four day weeks for the following reasons. It is proven that a four day school week helps academic growth. Teachers and students have more opportunities for quality teaching and quality classroom time. Having a four day school week also helps with the school’s budget. A four day school week helps academic growth. According to a study completed by researchers at Georgia State University and Montana State University “A four day school week had a statistically significant impact on math scores for fifth…show more content…
The student’s math scores increased, while the reading scores showed no signs of decreasing. This is important because it proves the kids are doing better with a four day school week than a five day school week. If all schools switched to a four-day school week then most students would have improved test scores. If Arizona schools switched to a four-day school week then maybe Arizona’s school scores would go up as a state. Kids nowadays lose interest in school on fridays. If they had fridays off they wouldn't lose interest in the rest of the week. They could say focused. When kids are focused they pay more attention and learn more. This is probably the reason for the increased test scores. If it is then if we implement this into other school it will also improve their test scores. Because of a four day school week, classes are extended, therefore giving the teachers a longer teaching period. Charlene Heil, a business and technology teacher says, “I actually have been able to get more done. When you have a longer time period you can have more depth of instruction.” The conclusion can be drawn that teachers and students like the four day school week that they did a better job, and their productivity was
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