Persuasive Essay Frankenstein

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The potential to be evil lives in everyone. Some may claim to live a life without sin, but the temptation of wrongdoing constantly lurks in our environment. With this in mind, if one soul was able to harness the powers of the most villainous monster, they would surely achieve world domination. With this creation, your hopes and dreams will become reality; if you chose to make Friday an international holiday, it could be achieved. In order to concoct such a creature, a strict step-by-step process is required that should ensure an emotionless subject willing to do your deeds. To begin this process, you must acquire an innocent. A newly born child is considered to have the purest of souls as they have yet to be influenced by those around them,…show more content…
Whether it be a boy or a pet, you must exterminate it to leave a reminder that her love made her weak and susceptible to the evils of society. You must make his death look like an accident so as to not acquire blame. One way that this can be done is by burning down his house at night, this creates an accident that could be blamed on countless things, such as a gas leak or a candle left burning overnight. The main task you have after setting the fire is to get your beast to discover the scene, this leaves a lasting memory which will haunt her throughout her life. When your monster is tearing down villages who don 't believe in your cause, she will envision finding the charred remains of her lover 's home. Since your monster opened herself up to the idea of love and it was so furiously ripped from her, she will purge herself into a secluded dark state from which she can never return. Your creation will go to extreme lengths to please the one thing that has constantly been there for them their entire life: you. She will not want to have outside relationships for fear of being stricken vulnerable due to her anguish like she was over her first love. Therefore, you are able to manipulate her thoughts to see you as good and others as bad. Repeating this step with multiple newborns eventually creates an army that could essentially be unstoppable. But, these creatures are
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