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Since we were kids everybody was telling us how important it is to decide what we want to be when we grow up, but no one told us that it is no less important to start saving for college even before we decide on our profession. Higher education in America is too expensive. A lot of young people cannot afford to go to college and many of them who do go have a mountain of debt that they end up paying off for years after graduation. It’s almost impossible to study in a private university without having rich parents who are making six figures. Even public college requires a lot of expenses on tuition, books and other various materials. It is not surprising that for many getting a degree is privilege they are unable to afford. Free higher education…show more content…
This automatically creates less dependents on government programs, such as food stamps or unemployment. Most of the time people from low-income households cannot afford college education. Since they do not have a professional degree they are forced to be content with underpaid jobs. With a minimum wage salary, it’s almost impossible to ensure yourself and your family financially. Majority of low income families require government support such as food stamps and monthly benefits. The way out of this vicious circle is free higher education for everybody, especially for the poorer sector of society. College graduates are highly skilled and formally trained professionals, so they are less likely to end up temporary or even permanently unemployed. Affordable higher education is best way to make people self-sufficient and financially independent.
By giving an access to free education we produce more professionals, which creates a more competitive job market in the country. In order to strengthen the economy, government needs to produce skilled and knowledgeable workers. The most effective way to achieve economic growth is to invest in high education. Well educated workers tend to produce more money benefiting not only the company they are working for, but also improving economic situation in the
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