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A Gap Year is every seniors dream, because it means a year off from school to explore anything and everything they want to. Malia Obama felt the same way, as she took a gap year before attending Harvard. Where she is “one of 80 to 110 students each year who enter following a gap year,” (Barnds, 44). While a gap year has existed in Europe for a long time, it is just now becoming a regular thing in America. They use that time to take time off from school and responsibly and just live in the moment. American Teens should take a Gap Year between high school and college, because it will give them a chance to travel the world, discover new things about themselves, and help them perform better in college after a year.
Many high schooler’s dream
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When returning to college, it might be hard to fall back into the groove of things as the “U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics found that students who delayed enrolling in college were less likely to earn a postsecondary credential than those who went directly from high school to college,” (source #3). Since you never experienced college when you decided to skip a year, when you start back you are throw into an environment that could be hard to adjust to leading to a more difficult period of getting back into the groove of things. Money, is a huge aspect that should go into play when planning a gap year. If you don’t include insurance, living expenses, and money for a rainy day then when its time to start going back to school you might find it difficult financially. When thinking of a gap year you think of time off away from school and work, but with your parents no longer buying everything for you the money you have saved over the years will start slowing decreasing and if you are not careful you could end up with very little money. That could and most likely will lead you to take out student loans that you will be forced to pay back after college leading you more into debt. So while planning a gap year, don’t forget to take in the cons and compare them to the pros before making sure it is what you want to do for
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